World-leading materials and corrosion engineering services for the infrastructure, energy and process industries

For complete confidence, tap into Larkton Ltd’s expertise

We build on three decades of success in independent thinking, innovative problem analysis, system modelling and clear definition and execution of solutions to provide flexible and responsive support. Our services and software are backed by an impressive global track record of successful engineering projects and studies delivered across a broad range of industrial sectors.

We are especially renowned for materials assessment; knowledge of high-alloy, high-strength and exotic materials; metal and non-metal material selection for sour and hydrogen service, and other extreme conditions; and stress corrosion and cracking expertise.

Our material selection methodologies are acknowledged as industry leading. These, combined with our corrosion modelling expertise, have underpinned the development of Larkton CM software, which provides the latest analytical capability in corrosion modelling. We have extensive experience of implementing software solutions in asset integrity and performance management.

Materials and corrosion engineering services

We offer corrosion and materials engineering services for a wide range of industrial sectors through all stages of the life cycle, from initial design through construction, operational corrosion management and change of use. Our global clients include the owners and operators of process plants, facilities and infrastructure, engineering design contractors, fabricators, equipment suppliers and consultants.

Larkton CM corrosion modelling software

Our material selection methodologies have been acknowledged as industry leading and our corrosion modelling expertise has underpinned the development of Larkton CM software.


We help a wide range of sectors with corrosion and materials engineering consultancy and technical support in design, procurement, construction and commissioning, and during operations.

Our clients include global operators of major facilities and process plants, major engineering design contractors and consultants, and specialist original equipment manufacturers. We apply our fundamental knowledge of the performance of materials in a wide range of challenging stress and environmental situations to provide the unique approach in our consultancy services that our clients have relied on for more than 30 years. Please contact us for our up-to-date reference list.


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