Is acid gas corrosion a significant threat to your assets?
Get Larkton CM, the industry’s latest corrosion rate estimation and materials selection software designed for a wide range of industrial and energy sector applications, including oil and gas production, processing and distribution.

Built on revised models, up-to-date data and experience
Liane Smith and Mike Billingham are world leaders in corrosion analysis and materials selection. Drawing on over 50 years of combined leadership in the field, they have reanalysed models and experimental data for CO2 – H2S corrosion, and reviewed industry experience and inspection information. They have also revisited the business processes and needs of corrosion and materials engineers in this new industrial era focusing on efficiency and productivity improvement.

The result is Larkton CM – a new standard in corrosion analysis and materials selection.

Easy to use and accessible wherever you are
Larkton CM uses end-to-end encryption and cloud-computing technologies to give you secure corrosion rate estimation and materials selection wherever you are, while retaining your data and outputs within your systems. As the system is cloud-based, you will always be working on the latest version. It is easy to use too, with an interface designed for input of single and multiple datasets and clear calculation options.

Quick, flexible and comprehensive
Larkton CM quickly gives consistent outputs when tested against legacy corrosion models using the same limited inputs. However, if you are looking for greater accuracy, you also have options for more detailed analysis with additional data inputs.
Materials selection options are provided for a wide range of the components used in facilities, pipelines and wells to give a comprehensive output, including material choices for downhole equipment.

Key features

  • Easy online access (Internet or intranet)
  • Realistic corrosion rates calibrated against field data
  • Corrosion rate estimation for production tubing and pipelines with tabular and graphical outputs
  • Flexible multi-stream calculations supporting easy input of multiple datasets for process facilities
  • Selection of corrosion-resistant alloys by considering corrosion, pitting and stress-corrosion cracking for tubing, piping, and specialist equipment according to Larkton experts’ rules and the ISO 15156/NACE MR1075 standard

Service access

  • Chrome or Firefox
  • On-premise (intranet) option available

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